"Female Energy" CD by IMY2
"Female Energy" CD by IMY2
"Female Energy" CD by IMY2
"Female Energy" CD by IMY2

"Female Energy" CD by IMY2

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Our vinyl style CD works just like a standard CD, however it has raised ridges printed on the top side of the disc to look just like a real vinyl record! The CD is housed in a brown vintage style sleeve with the track listing on the back. You also have the option to receive an autographed version by all three band members :)

The "Female Energy" CD has 12 tracks including 8 cover songs and 4 originals. 

Track Listing:

1. MAN! I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN (Lange, Twain) 3:57
2. VALERIE (Chowdhury, Harding, McCabe, Payne, Pritchard) 3:49
3. BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY (Ferguson, Gad) 4:28
4. LANDSLIDE (Nicks) 3:21
5. HOPELESS ROMANTIC (Canova, Mahanes, Monahan, Tucker) 3:03
6. HARLEYS IN HAWAII (Carlsson, Hindlin, Hudson, Perry, Puth) 3:02
7. MY FUTURE (O'Connell, O'Connell) 3:20
8. BREAKFAST IN BED (Canova, Mahanes, Monahan, Tucker) 2:57
9. NEW YEAR'S DAY (Antonoff, Swift) 3:49
10. THE CURE (Blair, Germanotta, Monson, Nelson, Nilan) 3:31
11. HOPELESS ROMANTIC (ACOUSTIC) (Canova, Mahanes, Monahan, Tucker) 3:33
12. MIRIAM (Mahanes, Monahan, Tucker) 2:29